Espro comes with a range of pre-built reports

After 30 years we think we have it right in the reports that estimators and business owners want. We have worked with estimators all over Australia and in different size and types of business. The core reports required have been built and come with Espro. From tender breakdown report to material and labour summary we think we have you covered.

Customise or build reports as required

Espro comes with a very powerful report builder. Customise one of the existing reports we have to suit the way you like to see the details, add logos or additional fields as required. If you have report writing skills you may want to attempt building a brand new report from scratch with all the fields and details to get the end result required.

Get a report customised or built by us

We understand that sometimes you don’t have the expertise or the time to build your own reports. With this in mind you can use the Spearhead team to do this for you. Work with us to design the report with the details required, let us draft a template to show you and then let the team at it to build it for you. This can be a simple report right through to a very detailed report