Allocate your takeoff hours across multiple labour types

Once you have your take-off hours Espro makes it very easy to now allocate these hours against multiple labour types. This gives you the ability to recalculate your labour cost as a gang rate or just use this to keep a record of the number or hours required for each labour type.

Use percentage or fixed hours to allocate

To give the estimator full flexibility with allocating hours Espro lets you take the estimated hours and allocate as fixed hours or as a percentage of the total hours. As long as you add up to 100% then either method is an option

Set you Labour sell price at the same time

Espro lets you apply a markup%, a margin% or set a fixed sell price for each labour type here in the labour allocation section. Here you can see what the end result is for your labour as you make these changes. The other option is to do this at the summary markups tab. The difference is that in the labour allocation tab you can have a different option for each labour type whereas the markup tab allows for a markup%, a margin% or a fixed dollar amount across the labour as a whole