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Electrical Calculation Software

Electrical Calculations from AS3000 and AS3008

PowerPac Mobile

Electrical Calculations App

Electrical Calculations from AS3008 and AS3000 on the go


Contracting Estimating Software

Detailed Estimating. No more Guess?Timating


Labour Cost Calculation Software

Know exactly where you stand in relation to true Labour Cost

MyPowerPac WEB

Electrical Calculations Web

Electrical Calculations from AS3008 & AS3000 via browser





PowerPac by Spearhead Software is the most widely used electrical cable calculation software in Australia for doing the complex calculations from Australian Standards AS3000 and AS3008 quickly, easily and accurately.

Ideal for electrical contractors, electrical designers and electrical engineers, PowerPac simplifies the complex mathematical calculations for cable sizing calculations, maximum demand calculations, volt drop calculations, conduit sizing calculations, earth fault loop calculations and more.



No more Guess?timating with this powerful estimating program for contract based companies. Espro is the modern Estimators best friend and it includes:

  • Estimate stage breakdowns
  • Comprehensive range of reports
  • Extensive Pre-Build Electrical Database with over 18k items and 9k assemblies with labour install time *(Separate purchase)

Espro leaves no stone unturned when it comes to accurate estimating, including provisional sums, Prime Costs, Overheads, Sundries, Labour Breakdown Costs plus much much more.

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What should my charge out rate be? How do I calculate my labour cost? If you don’t know the answers to these questions then you are only hoping and praying that your charge out rate will cover the running costs of the business and make you a profit.

LabourCalc will tell you exactly what your Overhead Recovery is, your Payroll Costs and therefore your true Labour Cost.

What about lost time? The difference between the hours you pay your employee versus the number of hours you bill out for that employee. LabourCalc works all of this out for you to ensure you make the best possible decision about your charge-out rates to maximise profitability.


MyPowerPac Web

Now you can perform AS3000 and AS3008 calculations on any device via the internet using your favourite browser

PowerPac Web allows you to do Cable Sizing Calculations and Cable Compliance Checks, Volt Drop Calculations and Earth Fault Loop Calculations, Maximum Demand and more on any device, any browser, anytime. If you have the internet you can do these Calcs.


PowerPac Mobile App

Now you can perform AS3000 and AS3008 calculations without having to call the office or wait until you get back to your PC. Calculate on the go with the PowerPac Mobile App.

PowerPac Mobile is a Cable Sizing App, a Volt Drop Calculation App and an Earth Fault Loop Calculation App all wrapped up in one Smart Phone & Tablet App making it possible to do all of the above calculations on site, on the spot and in remote locations at any time.

PowerPac Mobile Apps are available for Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPod and iPad.