The following is a legal agreement between you, the end user, and Spearhead Software (hereafter referred to as “Spearhead”). The enclosed Spearhead Software program (hereafter referred to as the “SOFTWARE”) is licenced for use by the customer and any subsequent owner of the product by Spearhead Software only under the terms detailed below.


GRANT OF LICENCE. Spearhead Software grants you the right to use one (1) copy of the SOFTWARE on a single computer or terminal. If the SOFTWARE is installed on a network (being two or more computers connected electronically allowing the sharing of electronic information or a single software program), then only the number of computers for which there is an equal number of legal copies of the SOFTWARE may use the SOFTWARE at any one time.

COPYRIGHT. The SOFTWARE is owned by and remains the property of Spearhead Software and is protected by Australian Copyright laws. You are permitted to make one (1) copy of the software for backup or archival purposes only. Copying, adaptation, reproduction or storage on more than one computer at any time of the SOFTWARE is a Copyright infringement and may result in legal action by Spearhead Software. It is an offence under the Copyright Act to sell copies of the SOFTWARE made without written consent of Spearhead Software, or to otherwise distribute the SOFTWARE in such a way as to cause loss to Spearhead Software. Heavy fines and imprisonment can be imposed for offences under the Copyright Act.

OTHER RESTRICTIONS. You may not rent or lease the SOFTWARE, but may transfer the SOFTWARE and all accompanying materials including written material and backup copies of the SOFTWARE on the provision that you do not retain any copies of the SOFTWARE or written material and that the recipient of the SOFTWARE agrees to abide by the terms of this agreement. You may not reverse engineer, de-compile, disassemble or otherwise create derivative works from the SOFTWARE.

NO LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Spearhead Software shall in no event be liable to you for any damages be they consequential, indirect or otherwise including any lost profits arising from the use of or inability to use the SOFTWARE or any data supplied therewith or for any claim by any other party. This limitation shall apply even if Spearhead Software or anyone else has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

The Australian Commonwealth Trade Practices Act and State Consumers Protection Legislation implies certain conditions and warranties into contracts of sale of goods and services. Any express warranties given by Spearhead Software are in addition to and not exclusive of any rights given to the purchaser of the SOFTWARE by State or Commonwealth legislation.

Any questions regarding the terms of this agreement should be directed to Spearhead Software, P.O. Box 509, Kelmscott WA 6991, Australia or [email protected].