Developed in partnership with NECA,
LabourCalc calculates your employees’ true hourly cost rate

  • Overview

    Get a quick look at what is required to calculate true labour cost

  • Chargeable Hours

    Easily calculate your chargeable hours vs worked hours efficiently and accurately by taking into count lost time such as sick leave, public holidays, RDO’s etc.

  • Employee Allowances

    Add employee allowances such as tools, phone, site allowance where necessary, making sure they are included in their cost

  • Overhead Cost Recovery

    Make sure all indirect overhead expenses such as Office, Vehicle, Phone, Insurances, Uniforms etc. are costed accurately and included in you recovery

  • Payroll Costs

    Take into account payroll costs such as workers compensation and long service leave.

  • Employee Templates

    Build a list of common templates to make it easy and consistent when adding new employees


LabourCalc Software

  • Chargeable Hours
  • Lost Time Calculation
  • Non Productive Hours
  • Multiple Employees
  • Pay Period Options
  • Employee Allowances
  • Weighted Overhead Recovery
  • Payroll Costs
  • Payroll Cost Exclusion
  • Employee Templates