Things that must be recovered

Many business forget to allow for the overhead cost recovery of the business. Everything from rent, I.T., accounting fees, marketing, subscriptions telephone, etc. etc. . The list just goes on. All of these expenses need to be recovered somewhere. If they are not directly billed to a job or client they need to be recovered against labour

Administration Overhead

This is not forgotten in LabourCalc. When a staff member is flagged as having a an administration or unproductive component to their hours it will be added to the overhead cost recovery total and will be therefore add to the overhead cost of each hour. This is generally  used for Admin staff, estimators, project managers and of course the boss.

Material profits to help

When it comes to overhead recover it may be too much to expect that it is all recovered by Labour. There is the option to share this overhead recovery with material profit thus making your labour cost and therefore sell more accurate in the market place.