Estimate Built, now get your tender price done

Once the hard work has been done via the takeoff, building the estimate sections and applying your project pricing it is now time to look at the other aspects of getting your tender price. In the estimate summary you can apply markup%, margin% or fixed price$, you can allocate your labour team to build a gang rate cost as well as adding additional indirect labour hours

Easily view your cost and sell prices

The summary totals tab lets you easily see a breakdown of labour, materials, Equipment, Subbies, additional costs and indirect labour. Look at the costs vs the sell with a total price, total profit and job margin.

Create multiple job summaries for What-If analysis

Espro allows you to create multiple summaries for the same estimate. Each summary will allow the estimator or project manager to look at different options for marking up the job, allocating hours or just applying a fixed dollar price. All reports will display the details for the selected summary.