Partnership and Integration is important to Spearhead

Spearhead understand that no 1 program can do all things and do them well. With this is mind we work closely with companies that have synergy with ours to either provide products that will work with theirs or have integrated links which then give you the end user more flexibility, more power and more control of what you can do in your business.

PlanSwift is a software program that makes takeoffs a breeze. If it’s coloured in, it’s counted! PlanSwift can load scanned plans as well as import directly from .TIF, .PDF, .DXF, .DWF, .DWG, .JPG, and more. PlanSwift can also download plans directly from many online plan rooms.

Load your Espro PriceBook and Pre-Built Assemblies straight into PlanSwift to use during your take-off and then export out to excel ready to be imported straight into your Espro estimate

With over 25 years of experience, TSM is an industry leader and pioneer in the field service management industry.
TSM is more than just a service management software company, it is committed to helping service companies
solve their business problems and find hidden profits they don’t even know they have.

Estimates from Espro can be imported directly into a TSM contract job. All stages and cost centre break downs are created and populated with materials and labour hours

NECA – the National Electrical and Communications Association, is the peak industry body representing the interests of the electrical and communications contracting industry across Australia. We have close to 5,000 member organisations and our members employ around 100,000 people.

Spearhead has worked with NECA for over 30 years getting advice for industry specific software as well as partnering with them to develop the LabourCalc software

“Aroflo offers powerful job management”

Some job management software costs an arm and a leg.
Others are cheap, but their basic features hold your business back as it grows.
You shouldn’t have to pay big bucks to get big features.
That’s why AroFlo offers powerful job management, at an affordable price.

For those who use AroFlo for estimating you can purchase the Espro electrical database and get it imported into your AroFlo job system

The electrical database includes ~3800 material items with labour install times and ~1900 pre-built assemblies also with labour install times

With technology so important to business Spearhead are very please to work with our sister company Compu Solutions

Compu Solutions was founded in 1999 to provide technology support to both the local community and businesses but now focus completely on assisting the B2B market. With the complexity of software integrating with hardware, emails, cloud and security we wanted to provide an all round solution to our software clients.

We believe it is important to provide a total solution to our customers being proactive in the advise and care that we give. To be proactive in security, backup and quality products means far less downtime and reactive break fix scenarios giving our customers peace of mind that they can rely on their IT infrastructure

All our Spearhead clients can take advantage of this technology support as well as purchasing hardware from many of our suppliers.

simPRO is a leading operations management solution for service, maintenance and project contractors. Connect the office to the field, deliver exceptional customer service and gain invaluable insights with automated processes, streamlined workflows and in-depth business reporting.

Trade Service of Australia (TSA) is the leading Independent provider of Electrical Price and Product Information in Australia. Over the past 25 years we have earned the trust of thousands of Industry Stakeholders through the provision of Business Tools, Data Services and Publications. Our products and services are used daily in estimating, product specification, billing and purchasing activities.
We obtain pricing and product information from the numerous manufacturers/importers/distributors/vendors of electrical and data products. We ‘clean’ the data, check for discrepancies, further attribute it, and then channel this data into our SQL production database. We then extend our data into various Business systems, applications, catalogues and print publications, which we distribute to clients. Currently we track over 500,000 items, covering approximately 250 Brands

Build your database or update your material pricing in Espro directly via the Trade Service TRA-SER product

EMAC is an online job management software platform aimed to streamline business processes and improve productivity.
EMAC provides a range of features to ensure that any trade and service job seamlessly flows for easy, organised management.
Live information streaming let’s you keep on top of your data from multiple locations. In the field and on the go, employees can enter information including timesheets, images, materials and expenses.
EMAC enables you to easily create and generate multiple invoices across jobs, sent straight from within the program.
Send purchase orders to contractors, inclusive of payment and delivery terms.
Autofill timesheets using the staff labour added to each job, saving time in admin processing timesheets each payment cycle.
Create service reports for your trade business. Conduct pre risk assessments prior to generating a service report to ensure safety compliance.
EMAC enables you to see your profit margins and adjust sell rates before an invoice is created using the quoting feature. Send via PDF to clients on email. Approved quotes automatically generate into jobs with all details available.
Allocate and schedule your staff into jobs. Monitor and keep track of where and when your technicians are working.

All this for $12mth per user