Don’t forget items with Pre-Built Assemblies

Use pre-built assemblies to both speed up your estimating process and to make sure items that belong together are not forgotten. The more assemblies you have the quicker your estimating process becomes.

It doesn’t matter your industry

Doesn’t matter whether you are an electrical company, a plumbing company, a security company or even a welding company when using pre-built assemblies you bring speed, accuracy and consistency to your estimating process. No more inconsistency with your estimated labour hours when using a pre-built assembly. Same time every time when adding assemblies to an estimate

Automatic or Fixed Price updates

Set your assemblies to have all material pricing updated automatically when the parts list is updated. Never have to worry again that your costs are not updated. You can also fix your assemblies with a fixed price for the times that pricing updates are inconsistent. All pricing can be updated at estimate level with project pricing