Break down the Estimate your way

Espro allows you to break your estimate down to 4 levels. That is as many sections down as required and up to 4 sub levels. This allows you to follow the tender bid documentation or to break the estimate down to the way that you will do the project.

Estimate Section features

To give the estimator flexibility and control over the estimating process we have made some very handy options to make working with the estimate breakdown. Some of these options are:

  • Incomplete and exclude flags
  • Qty multiplier
  • Fixed Allocated Labour
  • Labour Difficulty factor

Section Summary Totals

View estimate section cost totals for materials, equipment, subbies as well as labour hours for each individual section. You can also view the totals for a section including all sub sections. These totals can viewed easily at the estimating stage as well as from the Estimate Summary Sections tab

Estimate Items

You can add items to your estimate section as a one off blank item, from your PriceBook and from your pre-built assembly list. Once items have been added they can be edited or changed for this estimate and not affect your main lists. If an assembly has been added this can be expanded and any items inside the assembly can be edited on the fly.

All columns can be modified to suit the individual estimators preferred view. Add or remove columns as required.