Markup your estimate in anyway you like

One of the many key features in Espro is the ability to apply any markup strategy to get the required result. Markup Material, Labour (if not handled by labour allocation), Equipment, Subbies, Costs and Indirect Labour individually, as one or grouped in any combination as required.

Use multiple choices to apply markup

To give you complete control on how you mark up your individual areas you can markup by markup%, Margin% or even set a fixed dollar amount. If you are doing this individually or grouped you can use a combination of these options to get to the result required.

Allow a negative to fix your total tender price

As gravity keeps us on the ground the client will always ask you to sharpen your pencil. To make it easy for you to get the fixed dollar tender price Espro allows you to enter a fixed -$ amount which you can apply against any or all of Materials, Labour, Subbies, Equipment, Indirect Labour or costs. This will automatically calculate the -markup% and -margin% to show you what you are having to drop by to achieve the figure required