Know your volt drop at all times

It doesn’t matter whether you are sizing your cable to volt drop or whether you are checking the volt drop on an existing cable PowerPac makes it easy. At all times the both the volt drop% and volt drop volts will be displayed in the results screen.
Don’t ever be caught out again getting your volt drop result wrong.

Quick Calc Volt drop

Size your cable by volt drop % . PowerPac will make sure that the cable solution will comply with the selection made.

To check the volt drop of an existing cable PowerPac makes it easy for you to select the cable insulation, configuration and installation  of the existing cable as well as the existing run length. Lock the conductor sizes in place . The results will then show what the volt drop is in both % and volts and whether it complies or not with the required load.


Project Calc Volt Drop

Similar to the Quick Calc you can size a cable by using volt drop. The difference is that this can be done on a board or sub-board level and will effect all other boards in the network.

The results for each board will show the volt drop for the current selected board as well as the total volt drop from the supply to that point. This makes it easy for the designer to see how things are looking at any point of the network and make any changes needed to improve the result.