Maximum Demand Options

Once the user has selected the installation type PowerPac will automatically load the Load Groups available from the matching table in AS/NZS 3000 and the matching template that includes the nominated diversity factors from tables C1 and C2.

Balanced or Unbalanced

PowerPac has smarts built into the software that will automatically balance the loads applying all necessary diversity factors. For existing installations users can lock load group items to a preferred phase to check the Maximum Demand balance.

Maximum Demand Templates

With the release of AS3000:2000 more freedom was given to the electrical professional to do performance based and fit for purpose designs. PowerPac made this available for the end user by introducing the Template option which allows the user to set their own diversity factors based on experience and proven and tested designs. The default Templates are based on tables C1 and C2 using the Standards default diversity factors.

Maximum Demand library

PowerPac comes with a basic Library of items in load groups lights, GPO’s and Motors. The end user can build up their library of commonly used items  within the relevant load groups if and when required.