Make sure your Cable complies

Be confident that your cable calculations comply with Standards AS3008 and AS3000 as YOU may just be the one signing off.

Whether it be Load, Run Length, Volt Drop, Cable Derating or Earth Fault Loop you can have confidence in getting your calculations RIGHT with PowerPac and be warned when results do not comply.

Get results instantly

The cable results are displayed automatically in the results area immediately on the change of selection. These results include Maximum Cable & Spare Capacity, Volt Drop in both volts and %, Maximum Cable Length and Earth Fault Loop compliance. All warnings will be displayed in Red with the Warning button highlighted.

All Cable Insulation, available Cable Configuration and installation options are easily selected.

Lock conductors

To do calculations on an existing cable you can lock the current Active, Neutral and Earth conductors and sizes in place. Using the options of Load, Run Length, Volt Drop and additional derating factors you can check Capacity, Volt Drop and Earth Fault Loop all for compliance.