Cable Auto-Size

The cable auto-size feature will automatically size cables to not exceed a specified volt drop at the last point beyond any current selected item in a network project. You will then be asked to enter the desired voltage drop as a percentage. This percentage will then be applied to all connected loads from that point. Any loads upstream of the selected item will not be recalculated.

Calculating Using previous Standards

PowerPac lets the user select previous versions of Australian Standards to check older installations. On top of the current Standards AS3008:2017 the user can select AS3008:1998 and AS3008:2009. This can also be done for AS3000 by selecting  AS3000:2000 and AS3000:2007.

Power Factor Correction

This is a simple cost saving analysis tool to calculate the savings and pay back time for correcting Power factor. Its one thing thing to invest money to be more efficient but even better when you know the cost benefit and the payback period.