Project Network Modelling

Available for PowerPac Std and PowerPac Pro, Project Network modelling and distribution design allows the user to add Distribution Boards, Sub Boards and Final Sub-Circuits for a complete project. For each of these the user can select and lock in the number of phases, do a Maximum Demand calculation or enter loads manually, Size Cables, Check Volt Drop and report on Earth fault Loop compliance.

Multiple Boards

PowerPac Std is limited to 3 boards however PowerPac Pro allows the user to have unlimited boards as well as unlimited sub. This feature also gives the user the ability to do lighting or new estate reticulation. Boards can be single phase or three phase with the user having full control of locking this in place. A maximum Fault Limit in (kA) can be set at each board where a Fault Limiting device is installed.

Maximum Demand

Maximum Demand calculations can be performed on each board and where multiple boards of the same Installation Type are used and the “Include Loads from Connected Boards is ticked” PowerPac will apply the Diversity factors over the combined list of items and phases at the selected board. Single phase and three phase Maximum Demands can be performed in one project.


Reports available include Cable Schedule, Downstream Maximum Demand for the whole project and Cable Calculation Report and Maximum Demand Report on individual Boards.