20 04, 2010

PowerPac 6 Released

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We are pleased to announce that PowerPac version 6 has finally been released. With the significant amount of Cable data changes within the AS3008:2009 revision it is recommended that all current PowerPac users update their previous version as soon as possible.

5 03, 2010

PowerPac 6 Update

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We have received clarification from Standards Australia regarding the errors we uncovered in AS3008.1.1:2009.  We are now incorporating this into the PowerPac update and it will be released shortly to all users that have pre-ordered.

29 01, 2010

PowerPac 6 Delayed

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PowerPac 6 is due to be released however while making the required changes we have uncovered some errors and missing data in AS3008.1.1:2009.  We have notified Australian Standards and are currently awaiting clarification on these errors/omissions.  Once we have this clarification we will be releasing the PowerPac 6 update.

17 11, 2009

AS3008.1.2009 Release

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With the recent release of AS3008.1.1:2009 for Australian conditions Spearhead are busily working releasing version 6. The expected release date will be late December. Information and upgrade forms will be soon be sent out to all users giving you the chance of getting your order in early.

13 11, 2009

PowerPac For The iPhone

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With many requests for PowerPac Cable Calcs for the iPhone we have listened.

With development well under way we are expecting to have Cable Sizing, Volt Drop and Fault Loop calculations available for the iPhone late December / early January. The initial release will be via the Apple shop only with direct purchasing at a later […]

22 10, 2008

PowerPac Mobile Now Available

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The team at Spearhead Software is proud and delighted to announce the launch of the mobile version of our nationally renowned flagship product, PowerPac.

PowerPac Mobile, the first electrical industry software solution of its kind in Australia, makes it possible for Cable Sizing, Volt Drop and Earth Loop Impedance calculations to be performed on site, on […]

22 09, 2008

PowerPac Mobile

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The team at Spearhead are exited to announce the soon to be released PowerPac Mobile.

We have been asked for a couple of years now for a mobile cable sizing solution so project managers, supervisors and contractors can do on-site cable sizing and volt drop calculations.

We are currently in our final stages of testing and have […]

8 02, 2008

PowerPac Version 5.5 Released

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PowerPac 5.5 has been released to incorporate the changes to earth and neutral cable size requirements introduced in AS3000:2007.  This update of the PowerPac5 software will allow users to calculate results that are compliant with this new standard and also enable them to open previously entered and saved calculation data that were calculated using the […]

11 01, 2008

AS3000:2007 Release

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AS3000:2007 was released in November 2007. As part of our ongoing development of the PowerPac software, this revision will be incorporated into our PowerPac software. This revision will affect the PowerPac software in the areas of earth and neutral sizing.

Version 5.5 of the PowerPac software will soon be released incorporating these changes and we are […]