The team at Spearhead Software is proud and delighted to announce the launch of the mobile version of our nationally renowned flagship product, PowerPac.

PowerPac Mobile, the first electrical industry software solution of its kind in Australia, makes it possible for Cable Sizing, Volt Drop and Earth Loop Impedance calculations to be performed on site, on the spot, in remote locations and at any time without having to call the office or wait until you can get back in front of your desktop PC.

A Highly Affordable Productivity Tool

PowerPac Mobile is a magnificent productivity tool at a highly affordable price for individual contractors and companies who want to give their project managers and supervisors a commercial edge in the field, coupled with significant convenience and savings in time.

This innovative product will work with any Windows mobile device – whether it’s an HP iPAQ, Palm Treo, I-mate or JazzJam.

The solution is now in the palm of your hand!

For more information go to the PowerPac Mobile page