On Friday 7th November Spearhead Software attended the Gala Awards night for the Armadale Region Business Association. Spearhead was nominated for the “Presidents Award for Innovation” which we are pleased to announce we were the winners. To top off the night, as one of the association award winners Spearhead Software became one of the nominations for the “Business of the Year” award with all of the other deserved winners from the evening. All of the nominations for this award were of a high calibre and all would have been worthy winners. It was with great surprise and excitement that Spearhead Software was announced the Examiner Newspaper “Business of the Year” for 2014. Spearhead has worked very hard this year to both increase and update our range of quality products as well as our service to our loyal customer base. With our hardware and networking arm “Compu Solutions” we have increased our competitive advantage with higher levels of innovation and a greater depth in our service level offerings and product range. We would like to thank all of our customers that have worked with us for the last 20 years and we look forward to announcing some new products and updates in 2015.
Thanks Again.
Kerry Busby. Software Evangelist