Spearhead are excited to announce the PowerPac Mobile iOS App is currently with Apple awaiting approval. PowerPac Mobile iOS App will allow the user to do core calculations from its flagship software program PowerPac in the palm of your hand. Calculations such as cable sizing, volt drop and earth fault loop whilst having options for cable derating and cable selection and locking. Having the PowerPac program with all of its detailed calculations on the main computer has been a must for years and now having a mobile solution you can do those basic calculations and checks whilst on the move.

This App has been primarily designed for iPhone and iPod Touch but will work on your iPad. PowerPac Mobile Plus iOS App will be released later this year for iPads that will include maximum demand calculations.

Following these releases Spearhead will release PowerPac Mobile Plus which will be for Tablets allowing the user to do Maximum Calculations as well as the calculations in PowerPac Mobile