Spearhead Software is pleased to announce our new website and and Spearhead Newsletter.

This new initiative is designed to help keep you better informed about how you and your business can win with;

  • improved productivity
  • lower resource requirements; and
  • fast, accurate calculations, estimates and quoting

all specifically targeted at the contractor, construction and engineering service sector.

We will report on product improvements and updates for our popular PowerPac electrical calculation software, Espro electrical estimating software, QuoteMate quoting software and LabourCalc labour cost calculation software.

Updates, news and articles will be distributed by email Newsletter in short form, but with links back the complete articles in this blog section of our Spearhead Software website.

This new website blog, or article library if you are not familiar with that term, will provide a permanent record of all articles for you to refer to.

The articles will all be stored in Categories so you will be able to refer back to them. We will progressively build a valuable resource that you can refer to and return to as needed, including tips and guides on how to get the most out of your Spearhead Software and improve your business.

We hope you will find the website and Spearhead News valuable additions to your software and to the service that we deliver.

Thank You
I would just like to finish this first blog post with a special thank you to all of our ongoing clients. As out business has grown because of your continued support, we are in a position to make these improvements to the service you receive.

If you are not yet a client, we welcome your interest and invite you to look at how we can help you streamline your business, freeing you up to focus on the key elements of business growth and client development. If you haven’t already downloaded a free trial version of our software, please click on one of the free trial buttons on the product pages;