Hi and welcome to the new look Spearhead website.

We have created this new modern look and feel website ready to enter 2008. With a new company logo and new product logo’s the team and I are very excited about the future prospects that this year will bring. Just to give you a look ahead we have recently updated PowerPac to reflect the recent changes to AS3000:2007 and we are currently working on version 6 which will incorporate the changes to AS3008. Our estimating software Espro will also be re-written and released by the end of the year. With our new released labour Rate cost calculator LabourCalc 2 and new releases of QuoteMate I am sure you can see why we are excited for 2008.

On top of all that we will release a new product this year called JobMate which will be a simple job tracking package aimed at the small to medium size service and contract based business.

Look forward to assisting you in your software needs.

Kerry Busby