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Spearhead’s 2021 End Of Financial Year Pricing

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There are 3 levels catering for all size companies. See feature lists in Table below

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*Offer expires June 3oth 2021

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MyPowerPac Lite

  • Entry-level cloud software for Cable Sizing and Maximum Demand
  • $24/mo paid monthly
    $20/mo paid annually

  • MyPowerPac Lite features


  • Single Cable Calc
  • Single Maximum Demand
  • Select Phases
  • Volt Drop Calculations
  • Earth Fault Loop
  • Cable Derating Selection
  • Automatic Cable Derating
  • Nominate Phases (Phase Locking)
  • Maximum Demand Libraries
  • Adjustable Breakers
  • Custom Breakers
  • Suggested Cable Solutions
  • Tricab CU and ALI-Flex Cable Data

PowerPac Standard

  • Mid level calculation software for Network Modelling up to 2 boards
  • All PowerPac Lite features


  • Networkable
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Final Sub-Circuits
  • Prospective Short Circuit
  • Short Circuit Calc
  • Prospective Earth Fault current
  • Project – Network Modelling (3 Boards)
  • Multiple Boards (3 Boards)
  • Supply Details (Up to 210kVA)
  • Transformer Details (Up to 210kVA)
  • MEN Link (MSB Only)
  • Tricab CU-Flex & ALI-Flex Cable Data

PowerPac Pro

  • 95% of all users are using the PRO version
  • All PowerPac Lite & Standard features


  • Network Modelling (Unlimited Boards)
  • Supply Details (Not restricted)
  • Transformer Details (Not restricted)
  • Inc. Load Connected Boards
  • Suggested Cable Solutions
  • Maximum Demand Templates
  • Adjustable Breakers
  • Fault Limiting Breakers
  • Impedance Settings
  • Detailed Reporting

Offer expires June 30th 2021

Pricing excludes GST

Software price includes 12 months support and software assurance license cover