Kerry Busby, Director (Chief Software Evangelist)

Although a Fitter by trade, Kerry has spent over 24 years in sales and marketing. Now with over 20 years specialising in software for the contracting and service industries he has developed a clear understanding of the needs and frustrations faced by companies that specialise in these fields. Never satisfied with the status quo, Kerry is always looking for the next idea to research, the next project to begin or the next feature to add to one of the existing programs. You can be sure of one thing: whilst Kerry is at the helm, Spearhead Software will remain at the cutting edge of software development.

Sean Hannan, Lead Software Engineer

With a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree, Sean is the technical specialist for the PowerPac and Espro programs. With a detailed knowledge of Australian Standards AS3000 and AS3008 he has taken the complex mathematical calculations functions from these standards and put them into the PowerPac program. With a Certified Network Engineer certificate with D-Link Sean also offers great technical help with hardware issues as well as his detailed software knowledge.

Nathan Crane, Senior Software Engineer

With a Bachelor of Computer Science, Nathan is both the cornerstone of our helpdesk and an important partner programmer to Sean. He has a good rapport with our client base and always goes the extra mile to assist where possible. Nathan also is a part of our product development team and was the lead programmer for our LabourCalc 2 software release. Nathan is the key engineer for our external accounting conduit which links partner software programs to accounting programs. These include MYOB, QuickBooks, Arrow, Sybiz and more.

Tristan Keating, Support Software Engineer

With a Bachelor of Computer Science, Tristan has joined the Spearhead team as both a support software engineer to assist the team as well as bringing his own expertise in web development and App development for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices. Tristan recently developed the PowerPac App for these devices. Tristan will head up the development of LabourCalc 3 and will assist the engineering teams in many of our new projects.